26Apr 2014

Hello world .. for the second time!

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Hello guys. Welcome to my personal blog! My name is Jeissel but I prefer to be called as Jei :D I am an old blogger, for I started blogging way back 2009. However, I decided to quit due to my busy schedule as a student.  I wasn’t able to manage my 2 or 3 blogs. I used to be the owner of kawaiidoll.net and poshprincess.co.cc given to my by sis Naomi and sis Angel. But for these past few months, I feel like I kinda miss blogging, creating website layouts and other graphic designs. Moreover, I am kinda bored because of the summer vacation so I tried to look for subdomain hosting, and luckily sis Kei accepted me once again as her hostee. Thank you very much sis! :)

While I was scanning through my old files to look for wordpress themes that I could use for this blog, I found out old screenshots and graphic designs made by me when I was still 12 years old and I’m very ashamed because at that time I am a jejemon. Lol! Here is a screenshot of one of the themes that I made, the “selosza” part made me laugh! I had written lots of things worse than that, However I can’t find other screenshots of my jeje days. :P I also can’t remember why I wrote the “bagsak sa math” part even though one of my favorite subject is Math.


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Anyway, this blog is not done yet. I still need to add a few more pages. Thanks for viewing my blog! :)

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